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Mapped: The Safest Cities in the U.S.



map of the safest cities in the U.S.

Mapped: The Safest Cities in America

The phrase “small town America” often conjures up images of white picket fences, well-trimmed lawns, and big houses. But how safe is modern-day suburbia in America?

Some of the smallest places in the country can actually be among the most dangerous. Take for example Bessemer, Alabama, with a population of around 26,000 and a violent crime rate of 33.1 per every 1,000 residents.

That said, there are many small cities that are true havens for families across the United States. This map showcases the safest cities in the U.S., using FBI data and Census Bureau populations compiled by NeighborhoodScout in 2023.

Note: The source only considered cities with a population of 25,000 or higher. This report is based on total index crimes reported in each city, which includes arson, burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, murder, rape, armed robbery, and aggravated assault.

Top 100 Safest Cities in the U.S.

40% of the cities in the ranking are located in Northeastern states, which are typically rated the “safest” based on FBI data.

Here’s a closer look at the full list:

RankCityStateTotal Crime Rate
(per 1,000 residents)
Chance of Being
a Victim
1RidgefieldConnecticut1.91 in 510
2FranklinMassachusetts2.91 in 344
3Lake in the HillsIllinois3.11 in 321
4MarshfieldMassachusetts3.31 in 300
5ArlingtonMassachusetts3.41 in 292
6FulshearTexas3.61 in 276
7ZionsvilleIndiana3.61 in 275
8LexingtonMassachusetts3.71 in 270
9MuskegoWisconsin3.81 in 265
10RexburgIdaho3.91 in 253
11IndependenceKentucky3.91 in 253
12OswegoIllinois4.11 in 238
13MiltonMassachusetts4.21 in 233
14NeedhamMassachusetts4.21 in 233
15White LakeMichigan4.21 in 233
16Avon LakeOhio4.31 in 232
17MadisonMississippi4.51 in 221
18WakefieldMassachusetts4.51 in 218
19WindsorColorado4.51 in 218
20South KingstownRhode Island4.71 in 212
21ColleyvilleTexas4.81 in 206
22West BloomfieldMichigan4.91 in 204
23Johns CreekGeorgia4.91 in 202
24BillericaMassachusetts5.11 in 195
25MasonOhio5.11 in 192
26ReadingMassachusetts5.11 in 192
27North AndoverMassachusetts5.21 in 190
28WellesleyMassachusetts5.21 in 189
29MundeleinIllinois5.31 in 187
30BrandonMississippi5.31 in 186
31CumberlandRhode Island5.41 in 184
32AndoverMassachusetts5.41 in 182
33EdwardsvilleIllinois5.51 in 178
34Little ElmTexas5.61 in 176
35MerrimackNew Hampshire5.71 in 172
36WalthamMassachusetts5.81 in 169
37WylieTexas5.91 in 169
38Commerce TownshipMichigan5.91 in 169
39MiltonGeorgia5.91 in 167
40MelroseMassachusetts6.01 in 164
41BallwinMissouri6.11 in 162
42North KingstownRhode Island6.11 in 162
43BeverlyMassachusetts6.21 in 161
44Rochester HillsMichigan6.21 in 160
45KellerTexas6.31 in 158
46ShrewsburyMassachusetts6.41 in 156
47DracutMassachusetts6.41 in 155
48ProsperTexas6.41 in 155
49NewtonMassachusetts6.51 in 152
50FriendswoodTexas6.51 in 152
51McHenryIllinois6.51 in 152
52Fort MillSouth Carolina6.61 in 151
53WallingfordConnecticut6.81 in 146
54CaledoniaWisconsin6.91 in 144
55BelmontMassachusetts6.91 in 144
56De PereWisconsin6.91 in 143
57Flower MoundTexas7.01 in 142
58EastonMassachusetts7.01 in 141
59Highland ParkIllinois7.01 in 141
60CarmelIndiana7.21 in 138
61SachseTexas7.21 in 138
62AlgonquinIllinois7.21 in 137
63HendersonvilleTennessee7.21 in 137
64San LuisArizona7.31 in 136
65FishersIndiana7.31 in 135
66PerrysburgOhio7.41 in 135
67Lake StevensWashington7.41 in 134
68CheshireConnecticut7.41 in 134
69MilfordMassachusetts7.51 in 132
70Saratoga SpringsUtah7.51 in 132
71Bella VistaArkansas7.51 in 132
72PrincetonNew Jersey7.51 in 131
73BlufftonSouth Carolina7.61 in 130
74NoviMichigan7.61 in 130
75ChelmsfordMassachusetts7.61 in 130
76AmherstMassachusetts7.71 in 129
77RosemountMinnesota7.71 in 129
78GloucesterMassachusetts7.71 in 129
79SyracuseUtah7.81 in 127
80WaukeeIowa7.81 in 126
81MequonWisconsin7.91 in 126
82WestfieldIndiana7.91 in 126
83Spring HillTennessee7.91 in 126
84Upper ArlingtonOhio7.91 in 126
85RahwayNew Jersey7.91 in 125
86MontclairNew Jersey7.91 in 125
87GreenwichConnecticut8.01 in 125
88HuttoTexas8.01 in 124
89Vestavia HillsAlabama8.01 in 123
90BrownsburgIndiana8.11 in 123
91WilmetteIllinois8.11 in 123
92New MilfordConnecticut8.11 in 122
93HilliardOhio8.21 in 120
94Royal OakMichigan8.21 in 120
95DerryNew Hampshire8.31 in 121
96DublinOhio8.31 in 120
97West WarwickRhode Island8.51 in 116
98WatertownMassachusetts8.51 in 116
99WalpoleMassachusetts8.61 in 115
100KaysvilleUtah8.61 in 115

One quarter of the safest cities are located in Massachusetts, with the vast majority clustered around Boston.

The median population of the cities and towns in the top 100 is just 32,000, and few widely-recognized cities make the list. Carmel, Indiana (#60) is the only city with a population above 100,000 to make the rankings. This would seem to follow the logic that bigger cities are more dangerous, but our map covering the most dangerous cities in America shows that many small cities were just as dangerous, and some even more.

Regardless, small towns can truly be idyllic. For example, a person’s chance of falling victim to crime in Ridgefield, Connecticut, the safest ranked city in the U.S., is just 1-in-510. That’s an overall rate of fewer than two incidents of crime per every 1,000 residents.

One surprising observation from the data is that many of the safest U.S. cities are in very close proximity to some of the most dangerous.

safest cities in the US location

One example that illustrates this is Detroit, which ranks as the sixth most dangerous city in America. Despite this, as shown on the map above, there are four communities nearby that have some of the lowest crime rates in America.

In other words, America’s metro areas contain much contrast, and these insights provide valuable information for individuals and families seeking secure places to live across the country.

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Mapped: The Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S.

This map shows the most dangerous cities in the U.S. in terms of the violent crime rate per 1,000 residents.



most dangerous cities in the US preview

Mapped: The Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S.

Crime is seemingly always increasing—at least according to the headlines.

The focus is usually on big cities like Chicago or San Francisco, but some of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. are actually smaller or suburban cities, at least according to new per capita data from NeighborhoodScout.

The map above reveals the most dangerous urban areas in the U.S., in terms of how many violent crimes occur for every 1,000 residents. It uses the latest FBI crime data and Census Bureau populations available in 2023.

Note: The source only considered cities with a population of 25,000 or higher. This report is based on reported violent crimes including armed robbery, murder, rape, and aggravated assault.

Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S.

Though the most dangerous cities in the U.S. are spread across multiple states, Alabama is home to three of the 10 cities with the highest violent crime rates: Bessemer (#1), Mobile (#2), and Birmingham (#7).

Here’s a closer look at the full list:

RankCityStateViolent Crime Rate
(per 1,000 residents)
Chance of Being
a Victim
1BessemerAlabama33.11 in 30
2MobileAlabama27.91 in 35
3MonroeLouisiana26.31 in 38
4SaginawMichigan25.11 in 39
5MemphisTennessee25.11 in 39
6DetroitMichigan23.01 in 43
7BirminghamAlabama20.61 in 49
8Pine BluffArkansas20.51 in 48
9Little RockArkansas20.21 in 49
10AlexandriaLouisiana18.81 in 53
11ClevelandOhio17.11 in 58
12KalamazooMichigan16.81 in 59
13MilwaukeeWisconsin16.61 in 59
14AlbanyGeorgia16.11 in 61
15GadsdenAlabama15.81 in 63
16DanvilleIllinois15.81 in 63
17LansingMichigan15.71 in 63
18BaltimoreMaryland15.61 in 63
19SpringfieldMissouri15.61 in 64
20SpartanburgSouth Carolina15.21 in 65
21RockfordIllinois15.01 in 66
22WilmingtonDelaware15.01 in 66
23St. LouisMissouri14.91 in 66
24San BernardinoCalifornia14.91 in 67
25Kansas CityMissouri14.51 in 68
26CantonOhio14.51 in 68
27ChesterPennsyvlania14.51 in 68
28South BendIndiana14.41 in 69
29InksterMichigan14.11 in 70
30AlbuquerqueNew Mexico13.91 in 71
31ChattanoogaTennessee13.91 in 71
32Terre HauteIndiana13.91 in 71
33New OrleansLouisiana13.81 in 72
34CamdenNew Jersey13.71 in 72
35East PointGeorgia13.61 in 73
36MinneapolisMinnesota13.41 in 74
37FlorenceSouth Carolina13.11 in 75
38ElkhartIndiana12.81 in 77
39PuebloColorado12.61 in 79
40StocktonCalifornia12.51 in 79
41OaklandCalifornia12.51 in 79
42FlintMichigan12.51 in 79
43HoustonTexas12.41 in 80
44JacksonvilleArkansas12.11 in 82
45Myrtle BeachSouth Carolina12.11 in 82
46ParagouldArkansas12.11 in 82
47Battle CreekMichigan12.01 in 82
48TacomaWashington11.91 in 83
49Baton RougeLouisiana11.91 in 83
50JacksonMichigan11.81 in 84
51North Little RockArkansas11.91 in 84
52NashvilleTennessee11.81 in 84
53PontiacMichigan11.71 in 85
54WichitaKansas11.71 in 85
55NewnanGeorgia11.71 in 85
56ComptonCalifornia11.71 in 85
57Riviera BeachFlorida11.51 in 86
58Winston-SalemNorth Carolina11.41 in 87
59AnchorageAlaska11.41 in 87
60StatesvilleNorth Carolina11.21 in 89
61Fort SmithArkansas11.11 in 89
62SpringfieldOhio11.01 in 90
63Palm SpringsFlorida10.91 in 91
64BeaumontTexas10.81 in 91
65East ChicagoIndiana10.81 in 91
66TulsaOklahoma10.81 in 91
67LubbockTexas10.81 in 92
68ToledoOhio10.81 in 92
69YorkPennsyvlania10.81 in 92
70BarstowCalifornia10.71 in 92
71FarmingtonNew Mexico10.71 in 93
72DaytonOhio10.51 in 95
73Bossier CityLouisiana10.41 in 95
74North CharlestonSouth Carolina10.41 in 95
75AuroraColorado10.11 in 98
76Daytona BeachFlorida10.11 in 98
77South Salt LakeUtah9.91 in 100
78Salt Lake CityUtah9.91 in 100
79BillingsMontana9.91 in 100
80Washington, DCWashington, DC9.81 in 101
81Grand RapidsMichigan9.81 in 101
82LouisvilleKentucky9.71 in 102
83FayettevilleNorth Carolina9.71 in 103
84HuntsvilleAlabama9.71 in 103
85DenverColorado9.71 in 103
86GoldsboroNorth Carolina9.61 in 103
87HolyokeMassachusetts9.61 in 103
88WheelingWest Virginia9.61 in 103
89VallejoCalifornia9.61 in 103
90ShreveportLouisiana9.61 in 103
91MuskogeeOklahoma9.61 in 103
92Panama CityFlorida9.51 in 104
93DoverDelaware9.51 in 105
94AtlantaGeorgia9.51 in 105
95JacksonTennessee9.51 in 105
96TexarkanaArkansas9.41 in 105
97Lake Worth BeachFlorida9.31 in 106
98ChambleeGeorgia9.31 in 106
99SpringfieldMassachusetts9.31 in 106
100Rocky MountNorth Carolina9.31 in 107

Both large cities and smaller ones make the list, with Memphis and Detroit the biggest cities to appear in the top 10 with populations above 600,000. A person’s chance of being a victim of violent crime in each is 1-in-39 and 1-in-43, respectively.

It’s worth noting that the numbers above are strictly for the most violent forms of crime, and don’t include things like simple assault and various forms of property crime. These push the total crime rate, and therefore the likelihood of becoming a victim of any crime, much higher in these hotspots.

And though there are well-known cities in the list, a few typically associated with crime don’t make even the top 100. For instance, New York City’s violent crime rate is 5.2 per 1,000 residents, with the chance of being a victim in Manhattan specifically at 1-in-192.

Crime in the United States

The violent crime rate for the entire U.S. is 5.6 per 1,000 people. Comparatively, the safest cities in the us have total crime rates of 8.6 per 1,000 people and lower.

It’s difficult to touch on violent crime in the U.S. without discussing gun violence. According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have already been more than 22,000 gun violence deaths in the U.S. as of July 2023. That includes 371 mass shootings, and 150 children deaths.

And though the latest annual FBI data shows that violent crime has decreased from 2020 to 2021, murders have gone up over the same time frame.

Source: NeighborhoodScout, using data from the FBI, and the U.S. Census Bureau.

Data notes: The source only considered cities with a population of 25,000 or higher. Violent crimes includes reported armed robbery, murder, rape, and aggravated assault.

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