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Use Our Visualizations

We dream of a world where powerful visuals are used to explain anything and everything.

For this reason, we allow much of our original visual content to be used by others — and in many use cases, this can be done for free.

How to Use Our Work

If you’re looking to use our content, see which category you fall into below:

You can use our original content for free, as long as you follow these guidelines:

– Please link back to the original source

– Please provide attribution to “Visual Capitalist”

– Please don’t edit or change the content, size, or formatting of the graphic

You are welcome to use our original content in any way as long as you abide by the above considerations. However, if you are looking to make edits to the content (resize, translations, remove branding, etc.) you are required to license it for professional use.

Our visual content gets leveraged by a wide range of media, organizations, and experts. You can get access to our full library of original content by going to our licensing site.

If you have any questions about using our content, please consult our FAQ for additional information.

"Visual Capitalist content is insightful, engaging, and visually stunning."
Emily Maher
Editor, The Springfield Times

Professional Licensing and Use

If you’re looking to make a big impact on your audience, you can license our content professionally for use in a wide variety of platforms.

Get instant access to our library of infographics, data visualizations, and charts, and use them to captivate your audience. Through our paid licensing program, you’ll get the source files to our graphics (.ai, .eps, .pdf) so that you can make edits, translations, or even reformat them to work in your brand.
Make your textbook or course more exciting by leveraging our data-driven visuals. Each license also comes with transparent sourcing and data sets (.xls) that pertain to the graphic used.

Anchor your next report with a world-class visualization. Over recent years, we’ve had many banks, governments, global organizations, and other publications leverage our visuals and data.

1. Use an Infographic (Free)

You want to use, share, or re-publish an existing infographic, without making changes to it.

That's fine by us.

You can use our original content for free, but please link back to the source and don't make unauthorized changes to the images. Thanks!

2. Paid Licensing

You want to use an infographic - but you need to make changes to it first (i.e. edits, layout changes, translation, remove branding)

That's great.

See below for our licensing website, where you can instantly download the source files and data for any infographic, for an additional cost.
Visual Capitalist Licensing