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Chris Dickert

Senior Writer

Chris studied philosophy and history at Simon Fraser University and was an award-winning corporate communicator and freelancer to tech start-ups before joining Visual Capitalist as a Senior Writer. He writes on a variety of topic areas and when not doing deep dives on data troves can be found playing the banjo, working on his chess game, or chasing after his dog.

Contributions By Chris Dickert

  • Environment20 hours ago

    3 Ways the Shipping Industry is Addressing Climate Change

    The shipping industry is responsible for 2.89% of all carbon emissions. Here are three ways it could evolve to address climate change.

  • History2 weeks ago

    Vintage Viz: The World’s Rivers and Lakes, Organized Neatly

    Rivers and lakes have played important roles throughout history. This Vintage Viz looks at these bodies of water from the viewpoint of 1850.

  • Green3 weeks ago

    Mapped: The Colossal Cost of Plastic Pollution, By Country

    The environmental impact of the combined 139M tons of plastic pollution in oceans and rivers is well known, but what about the economic cost?

  • shipping3 weeks ago

    From Sea to Shining Sea: How Does Shipping Work?

    The surface of Earth is covered by 71% water, so it’s no surprise that over 80% of all trade is carried by ship. But how does...

  • Technology4 weeks ago

    Artificial Intelligence: The Journey to a Thinking Machine

    Artificial intelligence could add 7% to global GDP over 10 years, but even with recent advances, how close are we to thinking machines?

  • Environment1 month ago

    3 Ways the Accommodation Sector is Making the Journey to Net Zero

    Accommodations account for an estimated 264 million tonnes CO2-eq in annual emissions and the sector has an ambitious plan to reach net zero.

  • Real Estate2 months ago

    Modular Housing vs. Traditional Housing: How Do They Compare?

    Modular housing can be completed 40% faster and costs 10-25% less than traditional construction methods. Is the future of housing modular?

  • Real Estate2 months ago

    Visualized: The Decline of Affordable Housing in the U.S.

    As U.S. house prices keep climbing, hitting 5.61 times the median annual income, affordable housing is getting harder and harder to find.

  • Real Estate3 months ago

    Mapping U.S. Urbanization, by State

    Pressures from urbanization in the U.S. housing supply continue, with homeowner vacancies falling to an all-time low of 0.8% by end of 2022.

  • Environment3 months ago

    What Does A Net Zero Hotel Look Like?

    With the travel and tourism industry committing to halving carbon emissions by 2030, net zero hotels could be here sooner than you think.