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New book “Signals” reveals the most pressing global economic trends using the power of visualization




New book “Signals” reveals the most pressing global economic trends using the power of visualization

Coffee table book uses data-driven visuals to simplify complex, global trends

Visual Capitalist has published its second book, “Signals: Charting the New Direction of the Global Economy”, to help leaders and investors navigate a complex and changing world.

Did you know that over the next three years, our world will create more new data than we have in every year of preceding human history combined? More data inevitably means more complexity, which makes it harder to narrow down the root causes that will lead to future trends.

Visual Capitalist’s new data-driven book identifies clear takeaways—called ‘signals’— that are shaping the future of the global economy. Each chapter uses powerful charts and data visualizations to put each ‘signal’ into perspective and simplify complex, global trends.

Here are a few relevant signals to the current climate:

  • Peak Globalization: Decades of runaway growth were rudely interrupted by the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. Since then, the growth of global trade and interconnectedness has flatlined.
  • Frictionless Retail: The lines between e-commerce and brick and mortar retail continue to blur. New innovations in both retail and supply chains will remove friction from the customer experience and make buying things faster and easier than ever before.
  • Splinternet: The global internet is being fractured into two parts: one largely controlled by U.S. tech giants, and one modeled upon China’s system of censorship and surveillance.


Jeff Desjardins, Founder, Editor-in-chief and Author at Visual Capitalist, comments:

We are thrilled to introduce our second book, “Signals”. By using our unique data-driven approach, the team has distilled thousands of datasets to create the finished product. While the ultimate consequences of the signals can be difficult to anticipate, we hope this book can serve as a starting place to better understand the world we live in.

Online orders for “Signals” are now available on the Visual Capitalist store at $29.90 USD per copy.


Notes to Editors

This is Visual Capitalist’s second book following its first publication, “Visualizing Change”,  printed in 2018 which sold 15,000 copies and received 5-star reviews on Amazon.


About Visual Capitalist

Visual Capitalist is one of the world’s fastest growing digital publishers, with over 60 million visits to the site so far in 2020. Since 2011, Visual Capitalist has been committed to making the world’s information more accessible—simplifying an increasingly complex world through data-driven, visual storytelling. Our content focuses on topics including markets, technology, energy, and the global economy, and have been featured by Forbes, World Economic Forum, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and more.


About Jeff Desjardins, Author

Jeff is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Visual Capitalist. He is the author of two books, “Visualizing Change” and “Signals”, and is a regular contributor to the World Economic Forum and Business Insider. Jeff’s work has also been featured by several media outlets including Forbes, CNBC, MarketWatch, Huffington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

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