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Katie Jones

Managing Editor, Branded Content

Katie was an award-winning brand and campaign strategist for a diverse range of globally recognized brands, including McDonald’s, BMW, and lululemon (to name a few). As the Managing Editor she spearheads the creation of our stellar, data-driven branded content. When’s she not doing that, you can find her catching up on horror movies, writing fiction, or devouring another book!

Contributions By Katie Jones

  • Healthcare7 months ago

    Visualized: The Global Syringe Shortage Threatening Vaccine Efforts

    A backlog of routine and COVID-19 vaccinations has led to skyrocketing demand for syringes. What role will needle-free devices play?

  • Sponsored1 year ago

    A Visual Guide to the Science Behind Cultured Meat

    Cultured meat could become a $25 billion market by 2030, but investment into the technologies that underpin the industry is required.

  • Sponsored1 year ago

    Cultured Meat 101: The Next Generation of Food

    By 2030, the cultured meat market could be worth $25 billion. Before you invest, here are the answers to your burning questions.

  • Sponsored1 year ago

    The Rise of Functional Food: What Investors Need to Know

    Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, functional food is booming. Here's what investors need to know about this exciting $146 billion market.

  • Sponsored1 year ago

    5 Reasons Why Cultured Foods Are Here to Stay

    Over $2 billion in investments has been injected into the cultured foods market since 2020. Here are 5 reasons why they're here to stay.

  • Sponsored1 year ago

    Timeline: The Rapid Evolution of Plant-Based Alternatives

    2020 plant-based alternatives sales surpassed $7 billion in the U.S. alone. How did this explosion in plant-based alternatives start?

  • Misc1 year ago

    10 Ways You Can Build Leadership Communities in a Hybrid World of Work

    Feeling disconnected? This infographic teaches you how to build strong leadership communities in your organization in a hybrid working world.

  • Sponsored1 year ago

    Visualizing the Evolution of the Global Meat Market

    The global meat market will be worth $1.8 trillion by 2040, but how much of that will plant-based alternatives and cultured meat command?

  • Sponsored2 years ago

    Ocean Economy: The Next Wave of Sustainable Innovation

    This graphic explores how the $1.5 trillion ocean economy can help fight against some of the toughest challenges facing the world today.

  • Sponsored2 years ago

    A Visual Guide to Investing in Psychedelics

    This graphic provides a visual guide to investing in psychedelics, breaking down each sector and the companies that operate within them.

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