How To Be A Good Rock/EDM Mixer?

Mixing a track, especially tracks from Rock music requires so many professional skills. Even when you are a profession who has work with so many originals and produced some well – known mixes, there would be nothing to guarantee that you can be good at this song. That’s the reason why it is called a challenge for mixers, especially new ones.

If you are an in – house producer, it could be better to mix down your own tracks. However, if you want to be more successful in your career life, you have to keep moving forward. Therefore, you should need some small tips and tricks to make sure the fundamental factors can be assured and nothing can go on a wrong track. In this post, I will show you some small tips and suggestions in mixing down rock track in electronica style. The purpose of this article is to give you a brief knowledge about it and be more familiar with this type of mix down so that you can make use of more genres than just pop and EDM tracks.


So as to prepare for your first Rock/EDM track, you might need some special tools such as a turntable, mixing controllers and of course a vinyl record of a Rock track you are into. With the turntable choices, I suggest you should go online and seek some really impressive and recent record player reviews to have a better look at this type of device and see if you are affordable for a professional one for producers or not.

Bellows are some small tips from my experiences to help you proceed further in your works:

  1. Final Mix Is Your Final Work

Many people think their creativity could be better if they work as they go and precede the mix whenever they feel inspired by something, which is good. However, since they are just small ideas attached to each other, the works would not be perfect as you think it might be. That’s the reason why you should do your final mix with some major corrections to make sure it is checked carefully before being published.

Especially when you do some works in mixing and producing, things can be tricky and complicated till the end. That’s why you should at least check for several times before completing additional features for your product.

Mixing EDM with Rock

  1. Concentrate On The Core Parts

You can make something better if its core is rubbish. Therefore, never think that you can improve something if you didn’t do it right from the beginning. It’s quite true even when you are working in mixing and producing. If the core parts such as bass, hi – hats and instrumental are not well – prepared, why can you polish them up with your skills?

When using a Rock track for your mix, it’s quite complicated since you have to arrange the solo and the vocal properly before doing anything else, and if you can’t handle them right, you track would be underestimated and can’t bring the breath of Rock to something better. Mixing is not something for you to prepare in just a couple of days. It might cost you so much time and efforts to actually come up with something cool and good to listen to.

  1. Prepare The Instruments And Mixing Devices

Many producers don’t think that devices can make their work process better, but the fact is that those devices can take many positive and negative effects on your tracks. For example, if you can afford for a good record player to play a good Rock track from well – known band, the productivity and your emotions can be pushed up really effectively and you can think of many things that are better and more effective. On the other hand, with a poor mixer and a CD record, of course, you can listen to them and make something cool with it, but the results can be guaranteed with just small efforts like that.

Enjoy Rock

Additionally, people want to listen to really outstanding mixing tracks, and they can only be done with well – invested devices and records. So if you are really passionate about mixing down and producing, it would be such a good and considerable investment to do.

  1. Group Up Your Tracks

Some of your tracks might be slightly similar to each other, so you can do something like grouping them up or checking for the similarities. This could be helpful if you want to find something else, or just to find your real interests after several products.

If you are a beginner, finding your signature techniques and sounds in producing music is very important because, through them, the audience can recognize your products and don’t think you are someone else. In fact, group similar tracks together will provide you a good look at what you have done well so far and what to improve in the future, it might be some problems with the drum, the bass or something else, and of course you can find out how to make things better by listening and work even harder.

  1. Lower The Volume When You Mix

Normally, you can mix at any volume you want, but when using Rock tracks, you should do thing a little but different. The voice of Rock singers and the instrument are quite loud and it would be harder to keep up with those sounds at the same time and do something else with your mix. Therefore, try to volume down the track and complete the track for more details.

Below are some benefits of mixing down at low volume:

  • Easier to get rid of room reflection and other surrounding impacts.
  • More accurate balance and not too quiet.
  • Sometimes the track can be good at high volume but not at low volume, and it is not good for further improvements if you go to details.

That’s all you need to know when using Rock tracks to mix with EDM. In fact, you really need to work more to accumulate more experiences not only in Rock/EDM mixes but also other types of DJ tracks.

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