What Should You Notice When Going To Your First Rock Concert?

Are you going to attend a rock concert with your friends? You feel very nervous because this is the first time going to such a big event with thousands of people ready to wave and scream? Don’t worry because this post is specially written just for you to get through this experience nicely!

Below are some tips and tricks you can find helpful when preparing and going to a rock concert. Learn the smallest things so as to feel confident and comfortable in this exploding event. Now let’s see!

What You Should Do to Enjoy The Best Performance

  1. Don’t Wear Heels

I know that many girls love going out with high heels since it makes you become taller and more beautiful. However, there is no chance for a pair of heels to exist in a rock concert, especially when you are planning on moshing ladies. It would be such a bad idea when wearing heels and mosh at the same time.

Rock concert

There is just an only advantage that I might think of when wearing heels in a mosh pit: taller, and that’s it. Nothing more. That’s the reason why you should leave it at home and wear sporty shoes to match with your clothes.

  1. Don’t Freak Out If You Clap Wrong

When I mention wrong clapping, you can also imagine the situation as well. You are in a concert and you really don’t know much about the artist. Then you really like this song and clap along with the beat since you think people will do the same thing as well. However, things won’t go as it’s supposed to be. So what can you do in this situation?

The resolution is quite simple. First of all, don’t freak out at any cost, it just makes you look so dumb and awkward in front of people. Then you need to pretend to know this band really well and show that your claps are because of your love for this rock band and this song. Clap for a couple more times and show your best emotion toward the performance. Scream sometimes if you need to. No one will judge you for that if they can realize how much you love this band. Just be nature and you will be fine!

  1. Don’t Push to The Front of the Barrier

Getting to the barrier is the best because of several reasons. First of all, you will be the first line of the best sight. In addition, your position can’t be pushed further then you can be fine if the concert goes for a long period of time. Last but not least, the barrier is a good thing to put your hands on since it would be so exhausting screaming and jumping and you need something to lean on.

Scream and shout

However, according to my experiences, people who can get to that front line have to line up for at least 2 days before the concert, and they will do anything to protect their position. So the best thing I can suggest to you is that don’t try and push to the barrier if you want a safe and happy rock concert.

  1. Don’t Take Any Backpack with You

You will be regret If you try to bring a backpack along to the concert, especially a popular one. It’s similar to carrying a baby on your back the whole time. Of course, you need to carry something with you in the case of thirsty, hungry or tired, but I don’t think it is going to be a good idea to attend a Rock concert with a backpack on your back.

  1. Notes for Couples

I know that this is such a good occasion for couples to go with each other and record best moments, but it would not a such a good idea to hug and kiss all the time. It’s high time you can dance and wave with other people and have fun. It would be such a shame if you don’t really get into the party with others since you are a couple. In a Rock concert, it is considered quite rude.

Of course having a boyfriend/girlfriend is good for you, but it Is the matter of being along not in the crowd like that. Just let it all go and join the community for the best concert of your life. We prefer that so much more than seeing couples hugging and kissing.

Guitar solo

  1. Using Cameras and Phones

Most people come to a concert want to capture their wildest moments. Sure, that’s the purpose we come to this party. You can do whatever you want with your cameras such as taking photos of performing rock stars and the crazy crowds around you or take a selfie with your friends and family. They would be such nice photos that you can keep to remind yourself of one of the best events of your life.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t try filming the concert. Of course, no one has the rights to forbid you doing so, but it would be such a waste if you just come to the concert and keep your eyes on the camera to film all the time. That’s not the real spirit of Rock concert. If you want, the DVD version of the whole concert will be released soon, and I bet you will enjoy it more than your grainy and noisy videos.

In Summary

So you have paid the money and preparing to go nuts for the first time of your life with a Rock concert? Go for it since you are young, wild and free! Nothing can stop you from being crazy with Rock and release all the energy of youth. Just remember things that I remind you and I can be sure this it going to be the most memorable event of your life. If you want to know more about the schedules and the incoming Rock concert, all of them are updated in our blog about Rock events. Try at least one of them to feel the heat!

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