Tips and Tricks to Sing as Rock Stars

Singer has always been a job that relies heavily on our talent. Nowadays, though anything can be achieved easier if you have the passion and know some simple tricks, and so does the singing. Powerful voices today are mostly rock stars. People might think that opera singers are the best, but they don’t know that comparing to Rock singers, it means nothing. According to factors such as voice range, power and so on, Rocks stars such as Dave Grohl, Freddy Mercury, and Steven Tyler are unbeatable.

However, to achieve such a high level in live performing and singing skills, those Rock stars have to practice intensively with the help of other specialists in vocal and singing fields of study. This type of singing can’t be pretended or duplicated by just open the mouth freely, but anyone can reach to that level is he or she knows some useful tips and tricks in singing Rock songs. Below are some good practices for people who want to be a Rockstar someday. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in one day, so be patient and try hard.

What You Should Do Better?

Rock star

  1. Breathing

The most important factor of any singer regardless of genre is the breath column. Especially when singing hard songs such as Rock songs or Opera, singers have to know how to control the breath so as to have a strong and powerful voice. The vocalist should practice breath control since it’s the way to enhance the vocal range and power effectively. Fronting a rock band is not easy at all if you don’t know basic techniques about breathing and controlling the breath.

Basically, you should know how to sing from your diaphragm, it’s the basic technique that every singer has to know from the beginning. After that, you should put your breathing into estimation so that you can see how good or how bad you are. Sometimes the problems about high notes don’t come from the throat, it is because of your breathing. You try to sing from the throat or nose, that’s why you can’t hold the note in it proper range and height. Some low notes might suffer from the same problems. But don’t worry, everything can be treated well if you know how.

If you are attending singing classes, you can be instructed well be voice teachers. They will show you some exercises to enhance your breathing competence as well as show you how to sing from the diaphragm correctly. Learning how to do things right is hard, but it’s even harder if you can’t improve your voice. Strengthen your ability every day by practicing and quit bad habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol. These habits bring harmful effects to your throat and lungs.

Rock singer

  1. Warming Up

Some people don’t think warming up is counted as a vital step in practice and actual singing. However, it is the base for any vocalist to open their voice and improve it over lessons and hours of practice. The vocal cords have to be trained first before singing. Especially in Rock music, the ranges are quite high and wide, if your singing is too weak, the notes can’t be filled and powerless. A weak voice is different from a small volume. That’s why we have to practice to sing strong, loud and correctly. However, don’t forget to warm up to avoid damages to your voice cords.

  1. Posture

A good posture is essential in singing Rock since it ensures a good connection between the lungs and the vocal cords. The potential of a vocalist depends partly on his posture and how he acts on stage without losing his voice and range. You can stand upright so as to keep the breath steady and the lung wide open so that your voice will be more powerful and easier to control.

Maintaining the posture on stage is quite difficult especially for beginners, that’s why the physical condition of the vocalist can decide the success of the whole concert.

  1. Confidence

A key factor that should be mentioned is the confidence when performing on stage. Sometimes a vocalist who has good voice and practice well can’t perform well because he lacks confidence. It might sound unreliable, but reaching high notes and keeping it up for long period of time need more than just techniques. Singers have to be good at both techniques and mental state to be good at singing this type of music. This also explains why Rock stars often have a huge ego and sometimes can’t control their emotions, even on stages or live performances.

Confident on stage

The power in Rock songs comes from the confidence. Hitting a note without being timid, that’s the key to success in singing. Confidence can’t be achieved in no time, it can only be gained by practicing and performing for a long time. However, don’t mistake this term with over – confidence. It can ruin the whole performance if you are too self – confidence and put yourself first without co – operating with the band. Remember that you are singing with music, not singing by your own. Believing in your band is also a way to gain confidence.


In fact, there are still more about singing technique and experiences on stage I want to show you, but that’s enough for today. There’s only one thing that you should keep in mind: Keep practicing all the time. Even world – class rock stars have to start from the beginning with basic vocal lessons and practice with them on a daily basis. You shouldn’t be a worry if you can’t reach high notes at once, it is the achievement as well as an obstacle for a vocalist to break through and discover his or her potential. In fact, if you have any questions or want to find any singing class – both basic and advanced, contact me through my blog, I will be delighted to show you what I know. Keep it up and never give up!

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