How Much Do You Know About Electric Guitars?

Rock is becoming more and more popular among young generations recently as well as electric guitars. Imagine how cool you could be when playing this type of guitar on stages, picking magical notes and chords, crazy with crowds and be a well – known guitar player? Well, that is the future’s stories. The thing you need to know right now is that how much have you already known about this type of guitar? Does it have any differences in comparison with other types of guitar on markets? How can you play it and how to buy a good electric guitar? If you don’t know anything about this type of musical instrument, well, this article is written just for you!

In this post, I will show you some formal knowledge about this powerful tool of Rock such as how it works, the components and the price range of an electric guitar. With this helpful knowledge, I believe that you will love it more that before!

How Do They Build an Electric Guitar?

Similar to other types of guitar such as acoustic or classical ones, this type of guitar consists of 3 large part which are the body, the neck, and the head.

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The body of an electric guitar is quite complicated with the string saddles, the pickups, pickguard and pickup selector. Each one has its own function in controlling the sounds and the strength of guitar picking. In addition, we have volume and tone knobs so as to create special sound effects as well as certain technique in Rock music. The last part is the input jack which is used to connect the guitar to the amplifier so that it can produce sounds using electricity.

The neck of the electric guitar has no differences in comparison with other guitars. It has the fretboard which is made from wood with metal frets to create chords and notes with the strings. At the join between the neck and the head, we have the head nut.

The last part is the guitar head. It quite simple with tuners to keep the strings on the guitar with certain tunes. Some guitar heads have the logos of the producers printed on top.

An electric guitar is quite heavy since it contains electrical parts inside while other types of guitar are empty inside. So be careful when using an electric guitar and don’t drop them or else you will break the structure inside.

In the next article, I will show you some tips and tricks about selecting an electric guitar and the factors to guarantee a good product. Now let’s move on to the next part: How does it work?

How an Electric Guitar Works?

On markets and musical shops nowadays, you can see plenty of electric guitars vary in styles, models, and sizes. However, they all work on the same general principles. Explaining this operation might take some time, but it is vital knowledge to choose a good guitar and it decides the quality of the sounds made by this instrument.

How does electric guitar work?

There is a part call the pickup which is located in the body of the guitar. It works as the magnetic field of the electric guitar. The strings are made from metal, and when the guitarist plays these strings, they will cause a vibration. This vibration will generate a current. The pickup then will transmit this current to the preamp circuit with tone controls. The circuit then is transmitted to the amplifier through a cable. The amplifier works as a booster which will change the signal to sounds with tones and effects according to the currents. The speakers will then output the sounds in waves.

Choosing an electric guitar, you should play some tracks in order to put all the parts into the best estimation. You have to know much about pickup, tone controls, and other factors so as to know whether a guitar is worth its price or not. Any component inside the guitar plays an important part in producing the sounds effectively.

Types of Guitar Body

Each type of guitar body has its own advantages as well as disadvantage. Below are the most common ones so that you can have a closer look and see if any type of these is suitable for you when choosing an electric guitar. However, I still have to remind you about the weight and the playstyles and how they affect your choices.

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  • Solid body: This is the most common type since it is made from solid wood. This is an easy – modified type of guitar body since it can be designed into simple models or multi – pickup style editions. The electronic options are quite wide comparing to other body types. The resonance of a solid body guitar is not as good as hollow – body one but the quality of the wood still decides a part of the sound quality.
  • Hollow body: This is a different edition from the name of it. You can see that this type of guitar body is hollow – similar to an acoustic It comes in handy with people who wants to use this type of guitar to perform live with jazz music more than rock music since it is rich in tones and has deep bass
  • Semi – hollow body: The body is still hollow and is more resonant that solid body guitar, but inside the body, there is a solid center wood block. This thing will add stability and sustainability to the guitar. This is one of the most favorite types of guitar for blue guitarists since its warm sounds are very suitable to combine with other percussions and drum sounds. It is used in punk rock as well.

In addition, the guitar is divided into groups by the neck types. However, I will save it for the next post. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me, I will answer right away. Good luck and have fun with electric guitars!


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