Form A Rock Band? Too Easy!

I know that in no single Rock player wants to play solo till the rest of his life. Having companions and share the same passion is one of the best things in the world. In addition, forming a band can help you to create favorable conditions to boost your skills up as well as discovering hidden talents you’ve never thought of before such as composing, playing solo or even crazy technique. But how can you start your own band?

This article will show you some simple steps to form a Rock band just like your idols The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC… However, how long can you last with your dreams depends on your determination and passion with this types of music.

Rock band

Step by Step Reach Your Dream in Rock Band

  1. Why Do You Want to Form a Rock Band?

Many people think they just want to play for fun before forming a band. Interestingly, this is considered the first and foremost thing that have to be in your head when forming a rock band. You have to know that you might not be well – known all over the world forever, but you can play for enjoyment, it is already a great deal of your life. You love music, especially Rock and you want to find people with the same love you. That’s great since many famous Rock bands started their music lives by forming a local Rock band under the basement as well and they just want to play their music.

Moreover, before going professional, you should nurture your love to music until it is great enough then you can make money from it. Forming a band is not all about money, it’s a hobby and friends.

There is a thing that you should consider when forming a rock band: playing or just fame. People always want to be famous before they can do some really good things, and you should not be like this. Fame is not the final success, and surely it shouldn’t come as being really good at doing something. Normally, the percentage that you can become famous with your own Rock band is relatively low, honestly. You do things because you love music, not money. That’s the reason why you should not care about fame first when forming a Rock band. Just play and play, if you are really good at it, people will know you for sure. Don’t play for money ever!

  1. Sharpen Your Skills

This is the important part of the Rock band since no one wants to hear awful songs played by amateur players. That can’t be called a band. If you want to do somethings seriously, here are some advice for you:

Guitar skills

  • Learn to play an instrument: If you can’t sing well or read music to compose, this is fundamental for you to choose. The first thing you need to know is kinds of instruments. It can be really hard since Rock requires even more skills comparing to other genres. You can play drums or guitar, but you have to learn really hard with high determination to achieve the best results.
  • Learn to write songs: There is one thing that you can notice is that every Rock band plays their own music. If you are fond of songs from Gun n Roses or Led Zeppelin, now it’s time for you to shine! I know that to write a really good song that is recognized by everybody, you have to accumulate so many hands – on experiences as well as having good senses, but you can try composing some with your own words and emotions.
  • Buy supplies: Forming a band needs more than just instruments. You might need some additional accessories to form a basic studio such as amplifiers, software, microphones… so as to make a demo and release some products.
  1. Find Members of Your Band

First of all, find members among your friends. They are people that know you more than anybody else, so there must be some good cooperations between you and your friends. However, if you don’t have any of them like playing instruments or interesting in joining a Rock band, look for someone else on the Internet. There are so many websites specialized in getting music players to meet each other and form bands. However, it would be quite risky since you don’t know much about these people apart from their hobbies and basic info.

Rock members

Then you should promote your intention a little bit so as to find some matches around your blocks. You can advertise anywhere you want. If would be very effective if you post the detailed info on public places such as schools, parks or libraries. You should mention specifically about the positions so that you can have more than one choice in advance.

Don’t be too picky, but don’t make it too easy as well. No one wants to hear some beginners on stage without even knowing how to play simple songs. That’s why you should have some tryouts. You can actually have more than one candidates for each position, so choose wisely and don’t forget to pick people according to their potential.

  1. Getting Started

Now when the band is formed with a good player in each position, the first thing you need to do is think of the name of the band. It would be the name of the ideas of the whole band so that it can bring out the best and the characteristics of the members. And don’t forget to determine the main genre for your band.

After that, it’s time for rehearses and other stuff such as recording and releasing some demo tracks so as to know the bands level and skill. This could take more time than you might think, but it’s also the best time in the life of a band. Try anything you want since you don’t have anything to lose yet. Play Rock and feel the beat! No one can be sure about your future but at least you’ve tried and there would be nothing to regret about your decision.

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