Choosing Guitar for a Beginner

Leading a rock band must be a guitar player – the soul of the band. That’s the reason why the electric guitar is considered one of the most common symbols of this genre. Rock can’t live without the sound of electric guitar combining with the special and mystery vocals and strong drum beats. Therefore, choosing a proper electric guitar is similar to invest in a fortune that can make rock greater and beyond.

In this post, I will introduce some common problems to you guys who want to buy a good electric guitar but don’t know where to start. Let’s begin at some basic things first then you will know what you are looking for and at least choose a proper one for your own to start playing rock. Now let’s rock n’ roll!

Electric Guitar

Who Is Going to Play This Guitar?

When choosing an electric guitar for a person, maybe you, maybe as a gift for your friend or your son, you should know that we are going to choose a guitar for a beginner. That’s the reason you have to put almost everything into consideration. Getting a proper guitar which is suitable in size, sound and music taste is incredibly hard if you don’t know how to choose and match these properties with the solutions. There is a simple way for you to know all of these things: asking the one the guitar player adores as an idol so that you can see some similarities between their styles and choose guitar easier.

Choosing an electric guitar is not only an effective way to boost up the guitar spirit of a player but also give him a source of motivation so as to move on and master special techniques in the future. In fact, there are so many types of electric guitar that you can choose from a musical instrument shop according to their size. You can have a wide selection to suit your needs. There are some normal sizes that are often chosen by customers such as ¾ scale, mini or travel guitars for small and young players or full-size guitar for professional ones. Just be careful when choosing guitar since its size and weight affect your hands and arms very much.

Basically, learning guitar is not a task of a challenge, but mastering all the techniques in rock music is really a hard work for everyone not only amateurs. Many players think that they just need to play the chords right and then can go on stage right away. It is true, but partly. Rock needs more than that. Imagine any rock concerts without cosmetics, styles, electronics and tunes, they would be disasters. That’s all the things the create rock, not just an electric guitar. So if you are a person who really loves rock and wants to buy an electric guitar, prepare yourself to change your styles as well.

With people who have played rock for a while, they don’t have to go to the musical shop and glance at any types of electric guitar. They already had their choices in mind. It would be so easy to give them what they want. In some cases, if your budget can’t afford for that exact edition, you can look for others with some similarities.

Guitar size

There is one thing you always need to remember when buying a guitar: the price is equal to the quality. Therefore, put all those pros and cons into consideration between deciding anything about a guitar. Sometimes this can save your more money than you might think. There is a solution for this if you don’t know much about guitars: come to well – known shops with good reviews, the shop will give you the best advice so that you can decide which one is suitable for you to buy.

Reading reviews of musicians and professional guitar players is very good to know the current trend of electric guitars as well as accumulate more experiences about this field so that you can choose your guitar wisely.

Considering Your Budget

Of course buying a guitar can’t make your hungry for the whole month, but the price is still a key factor in choosing and selecting an electric guitar. Young players can’t fully understand the value of a guitar; I can be sure about that. That’s why we should read reviews and see how professionals pick a guitar for themselves.

The first thing you need to do is re – check your budget. It is quite reasonable since an electric guitar if often far more expensive than other types such as acoustic or classical guitars. You should keep in mind that price goes along with the quality of the sounds. People often start with moderate or poor quality guitars, it’s fine. However, after a short period of time when those guitars expose their weaknesses and disadvantages, beginners often want to change them. It means that the initial money investing in the first one is useless and you have to buy twice to have a good guitar while you can buy a really good one with a higher price, of course.

In addition, accessories are important parts, too. Amplifier and cable are vital accessories for any electric guitar players. Apart from them, we have to look for:

Guitar buying guide

  • Strap
  • Tuner
  • Picks
  • Strings
  • Stand
  • Guitar case

At first, you won’t see them helpful, but after a long time playing, these things would be attached to you even more than your current guitar. If would never be a waste of money buying a set of these accessories.


So they are just a few of my experiences in choosing an electric guitar. If you want to see some trending models or look for other tips and tricks in selecting this type of guitar, you can go online and visit my blog about rock and rock musical instruments. It would be a pleasure of mine to help you fall in love with rock as well as being a rock guitarist in the future.

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